Dragon Post

Publisher: Walker Books


One day, Alex finds a dragon under the stairs. Concerned that he might set fire to the house, Alex very sensibly writes a letter to the fire brigade and gets one back – complete with envelope – advising him that he should spray his dragon with water at regular intervals.

Next, though, there’s the problem of what to feed the dragon: jam sandwiches just don’t seem to be cutting it, but fortunately a letter from a local butcher makes some meaty suggestions. With the help of Alex’s best friend Hillary, though, he realises that dragons aren’t meant to be kept under the stairs, and might be happier with more room to fly…

This is a delightful picture book with an extra element of brilliance in the five letters included in the book, which are utterly hilarious, clever, beautifully produced and full of puns and character. Dragon Post manages to be a book about animal conservation, friendship, letter-writing and freedom, all wrapped up in a rather special little package.

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