Publisher: Picture Corgi


Dot is an expert in electronic devices - she knows how to tap, to swipe, to share and to talk. But when she gets tired of being online, it's time to go outside and reboot, recharge and restart! Outside, Dot remembers all kinds of other things she can do: tapping, touching, tweeting, tagging and surfing all have completely different meanings outdoors, but are just as much fun.

This picture book highlights the joys of both the virtual and the real worlds, and could certainly provide a useful tool for parents who want to remind children that there are a whole variety of offline activities they can enjoy beyond the realm of computers, tablets and online games. Former Booktrust Best New Illustrator Joe Berger's wonderful artwork has a retro feel, bringing life, vitality and energy to the simple but engaging text. This is a book that gets its message across without ever feeling too heavy-handed: minimal page-spreads in a limited colour palette are substituted by an explosion of colour and pattern as Dot heads outdoors with her friends.

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