Do Not Lick This Book

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Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Meet Min! Min is a microbe - an E.Coli, no less - and she's living in the pages of Do Not Lick This Book. What's more, you can take her on an adventure from your T-shirt to your teeth to your belly button (and meet lots of other microbes along the way!)

This witty book introduces the science of germs and microbes to children in an innovative and fun way, with Julian Frost's adorable illustrations fitting in brilliantly with fascinating microscopic photographs from Linnea Rundgren.

Both adults and children alike will learn something new from Do Not Lick This Book, whether it's how many microbes can fit in a full stop, what your teeth look like really close up, or which kind of bacteria lives in your mouth 'pooping acid'.

But the facts are always delivered lightly and with a fantastic sense of humour. And if you just can't resist giving the book a lick, there's a special place for that on the back cover...

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