Dinosaur Olympics

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

It's Uncle Loops' one hundred and ninetieth birthday and the Herbivores of Uptown are throwing him a party. The last thing they expect is to be gate-crashed by Flint Beastwood, Downtown's nastiest T-Rex and his crew.

Beastwood's beastly behaviour sets into motion a chain of events involving kidnaps, daring rescues, council negotiations, a very confused Uncle Loops and the first ever Dinosaur Olympics. Will sportsmanship spread peace amongst the dinosaurs? Will Uncle Loops survive the marathon? Will Flint Beastwood lose control and eat everyone in sight?

Fast-paced, crammed full of jokes and dinosaur word-play Willis' Downtown Dinosaur series is a perfect match for energetic readers. Robins' illustrations add perfectly to the anarchic humour. The combination of Dinosaurs and Olympics also gives plenty of scope for topical activities and further reading in the classroom.

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