Destination: Planet Earth

Publisher: Wide Eyed

This beautifully illustrated introduction to physical geography takes the reader on an adventurous journey around Planet Earth through its coverage of a wide range of geographical features and phenomenon, including volcanoes, rivers, ecosystems, and weather.

Learn why it gets colder the closer you get to the sun, why clouds are different colours, how the Himalayas formed 50 million years ago, and how long a volcano has to be out of action before it can be called extinct.

The bold and eye-catching double-spread illustrations are combined with short snippet information boxes and diagrams, which cover both key topics on the geography curriculum and fun facts about our world. The book also gently challenges the reader to consider their own impact, and what we can do together to create positive change.

This book will inform and inspire budding geographers, conservationists and explorers, as well as offering a visual treat for all readers.

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