Death in the Devil's Den

Publisher: Picadilly Press


Set in the Victorian era, Cora Harrison's London Murder Mystery series follows the adventures of street-wise orphan Alfie. Living with his blind brother Sammy and cousins Jack and Tom, plus their dog Mutsy, in a cellar on Bow Street, Alfie struggles to pay the weekly rent and keep them all fed - until he crosses the path of policeman Inspector Denham and finds himself helping to solve a series of mysterious murders.

In this, the sixth installment in the series, Inspector Denham calls on Alfie to help identify a Russian secret agent.In doing so, Alfie finds himself embarking on everything from disguising himself as a public school boy, escaping across perilous Westminster rooftops, and even taking an unexpected hot-air balloon ride. 

With plenty of action and adventure, this is a readable, fast-moving and exciting story written in a direct and snappy style. Well-researched, with plenty of lively period detail, this is an engaging introduction to the Victorian era which will grab young readers'attention from the opening pages.

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