Dear Hound

Publisher: Puffin

Alfie, the deerhound puppy, stays at dog kennels while his owners are away. He is sure they have abandoned him. He accidentally touches an electric fence with his nose and in fright and pain he jumps a high fence and runs away into the woods.

Fortunately, two foxes take pity on him and teach Alfie how to scavenge for food. His owners, meanwhile, are distraught and search for him for months without success.

Alfie is caught by rabbit hunters who try to turn him into a hunting dog. When he is accidentally shot and badly hurt, his foxy friends risk their own safety to reunite him with his loving family.

Talking animals, gentle humour, suspense and charming illustrations in this tear-jerking chapter book, from the much-loved creator of The Worst Witch and Peace at Last.

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