Danny McGee Drinks The Sea

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books


Can a boy really drink the sea? It's impossible isn't it? Danny McGee, with the help of his sister Frannie McGee, with the help of a straw that was longer than she, does it. And then Danny goes on to swallow a whole load of other things, including the whole of London and the author of the book, comic genius Andy Stanton. Where will it end?

This book is pure anarchy and will have the whole family falling on the floor with tears of laughter running down their faces. Toddlers will call 'More!' and 'Again!', but adults might never tire of reading this book out loud.

The illustrations by Neal Layton, the multi-award winning illustrator of the Emily Brown books, have just the right wildness and crazy energy about them. This is a classic pairing of author and illustrator and one of the funniest picture book ever written and drawn. It must be read by all children to prepare them for later reads of Andy Stanton's classic series Mr Gum.

Highly recommended as a perfect book to read together, although it could result in hiccups.

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