Curious About Crocodiles

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians revered a part-man, part-crocodile god called Sobek? Temples were dedicated to him, where sacred crocodiles were bred in special pools. Or the fact that crocodiles’ tough skin is reinforced by bony plates underneath which warm rapidly in the sun, acting like small solar panels? What about the fact that crocodiles have been known to climb trees? One Australian freshwater crocodile was once seen trying to climb a two-metre-high chain link fence.

The latest in Owen Davey’s amazing nature series featuring individual species, Curious About Crocodiles joins Smart About Sharks, Mad About Monkeys and Obsessive About Octopuses, as well as many more brilliant titles.

As ever, Davey’s genius at representing facts and curious details alongside accessible and beautiful graphic design is achieved marvellously, making a fascinating read about these sometimes misunderstood ancient creatures.

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