Cosmic Disco

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

This poetry collection from the Guyana-born poet Grace Nichols is filled with poems with themes from nature, covering everything from the change of the seasons to the rings of Saturn and the Hubble telescope.

Written to inspire wonder in younger children, some poems are humorous, like "SN2007bi", a poem about a supernova with a name like a barcode (‘If only they’d asked my opinion / I’d have named you/ Firecracker of Mighty Oblivion.’)

Other poems, like "Brian", about a friend who died, are far more poignant. ‘In dreams he’s still my good friend, Brian / Laughing, lanky, a touch of spark / a floating black question mark.’

Cosmic Disco contains something for everyone to enjoy, and would make a useful collection to prompt primary school classroom discussion on wider issues such as weather, the seasons, friendship, space, emotions and much more.

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