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Publisher: Corgi Children's


Beauty, the heroine of this modern fairy tale, is virtually friendless and re-christened 'Ugly' by her school tormentors. She's also contending with an explosively angry father who delights in belittling her and her mother.

Her refuge is a children's TV show featuring a pet rabbit, but when she is given a real rabbit for her birthday, her father is enraged. He 'helps' it escape, tragedy occurs and Beauty's mother decides - ENOUGH!

They flee, arriving in Rabbit Cove where slowly they rebuild their lives. Mum discovers a hidden talent for baking (hence Cookie!) and Beauty finally discovers herself.

Wilson's fluent style makes this an almost effortless read, but dark themes of domestic abuse and self-esteem are sensitively tackled in this redemptive tale of biscuits and rabbits.

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