Comic Adventures of Boots

Publisher: Andersen Press

Executed in lively comic book form, this series of everyday, yet unlikely, adventures features Boots, a highly original cat hero, though many of the cats from Kitamura's other books, such as Leonardo and Pablo, appear in cameo roles.

In 'Operation Fish Biscuit' Boots slyly reclaims his familiar sleeping post after competition from the neighbourhood cats; in 'Pleased to Meet You, Madam Quark', he takes swimming (reasonably successful) and flying (less so) lessons from a duck; and finally in 'Let's Play a Guessing Game', he calls on his newly-learned swimming skills to impress his friends.

With stylish and witty endpapers of Boots's feverish imagination at work, this is a delightful new addition to Kitamura's growing canon of cat literature.

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