Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex

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Publisher: Puffin

Charlie is back, and still trying his best to avoid changing into animals. Even though his brother SmoothMove is now better, Charlie has something else to worry about: will his family have to sell their house and move in with Aunt Brenda to save money? And will Charlie have to move schools?

His friends make it their mission to try and stop Charlie having to move away and with encouragement, Charlie even manages to work out how he can turn into animals on demand  – although these animals aren't always the most practical animals to be changing into! There's always the worry that Charlie might forget who he is and be stuck as that animal forever. But in their efforts to do the best thing for Charlie, his friends end up causing far more chaos than intended. Luckily for Charlie, everything turns out all right in the end.

The second adventure of Charlie McGuffin sees him facing more of life's obstacles and attempts to tackle his anxiety; the book provides just as much humour, subtlety and sensitivity as Charlie Changes into Chicken.

Charlie soon realises that the true power of his abilities is knowing that he is surrounded by friends and family who really care about him. Heartwarming and hilarious, this book will bring you so much joy.

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