Cat Kid Comic Club

Publisher: Scholastic

Lil’ Petey the cat and his friend Molly (a tadpole) have begun the Cat Kid Comic Club, a club for kids that like to draw comics. Aside from some initial scuffles over who gets to be Vice President of the club (everyone wants to be one), Lil’ Petey and Molly start inspiring their fellow comic makers with ideas, from how to come up with an initial concept (Melvin the Frog’s Dennis the Toothbrush Who Wanted to be a Dinosaur Lawyer, for instance) to giving awards for the weirdest comic (Poppy’s The Cute, Little Fluffy Cloud of Death).

Ingeniously, as the comic progresses, we see a number of comics that are made by characters in the story which in themselves become more sophisticated as the characters become more accomplished comic makers – from stick figures in pencil to photographic panels with custom made props and clay figures and computer animation. Yet, alongside this how-to element, there’s also a nice story developing about having faith in your abilities and the importance of trying again to get things right and to improve your skills.

Perfect for existing fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants as well as those new to Dav Pilkey’s accessible and zany stories, Cat Kid Comic Club is something new again – a friendship story with a passion for comics at its core. Hopefully it will inspire a whole new generation of comic makers.

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