Azizi and the Little Blue Bird

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Publisher: Book Island

Azizi lives in a peaceful land filled with jasmine and beautiful blue birds. One day, he discovers his father hanging pictures of Tih and Reni, the hated Sultan and his wife, on the wall - and this marks a change in his beloved country.

As the rulers gobble up all the juiciest meat, the sweetest dates and the best couscous, the people begin to shrink. All the birds are rounded up and caged in the palace, until only one remains free. This little bird, however, has a plan to defeat the greedy duo - but he needs Azizi's help to do it.

This gorgeous story is reminiscent of traditional fairy tales, with a brave hero, evil villains and a plucky sidekick. The descriptive writing is superb, conjuring images of a warm land bathed in sweetly scented air that is slowly turning into a place of hardship and oppression. 

The beautiful illustrations perfectly match the tone of the book and will allow younger children to follow the story. A fabulous way to introduce cultural diversity to multicultural readers.

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