Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Ocean

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Did you know that a squid has three hearts or that a lobster has an excellent sense of smell? You'll love learning all about ocean creatures with this delightful split-page slip book. Featuring Axel Scheffler's bright, friendly and recognisable animal illustrations and a lighthearted rhyming text, children can also mix the animal names, poems AND animal pictures up to create amusing hybrids. A half-crab, half-dolphin Crolphin, perhaps? Or an unintentionally terrifying Whopus - half-whale, half-octopus?

Really little ones will enjoy turning the flaps over and being read the singsong text. Reception and Year 1 children are the ideal audience for new nonsense animal names and will love making up their own crazy ocean creatures. The notion of nonsense words is also useful practice for those in the "learning nonsense words" stage of phonics. Overall, it's plenty of fishy fun for all the family.

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