Aven Green: Baking Machine

Publisher: Union Square Kids

The big dessert competition is coming up, and Aven and her friends are all picking a pudding to make! But whilst everyone agrees that sweet treats are delicious, they simply can’t decide on a dessert to make together – Aven doesn’t like trying new things, and makes fun of dishes with ‘funny names’. After a dramatic day’s baking, her thoughtlessness causes her baking buddies to fall out with her.

As the competition approaches, can Aven learn to be a better friend and try something different?

This bright and gentle story from Dusti Bowling features a main character who was born without arms, and who uses her feet to do everyday things. Aven's disability is not the focal point of the story, and Aven is a well-rounded, realistic character who knows she can do anything she sets her mind to. However, when she upsets her friends, she realises what she has to do to be a kinder person, and there's a strong message about considering others' feelings before we say things that might be hurtful. Funny, warm, and with lovely illustrations by Gina Perry, this is perfect for readers aged 6+ - and contains some of Aven’s favourite baking recipes in the back, too!

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