Avatar: The Rise of Kyoshi

Publisher: Amulet Books

This epic prequel to acclaimed animated television series ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is set in a world comprising four mighty nations: the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Air Nomads and Water Tribes. Within each realm are people who can manipulate their given element of earth, fire, air or water, known as ‘benders’. The Avatar is a highly revered individual, who is uniquely able to bend all four elements. Their task is to unite the nations and mediate between humans and the spirit world.

Servant girl Kyoshi is devasted when doubt is cast on the abilities of her friend and master, Avatar Yun, and she is identified as the true Avatar. This shocking revelation results in the death of people she loves and, unsure who to trust, she flees her home. Accompanied by Rangi, her firebending companion, Kyoshi joins a band of outlaws and attempts to master her newfound skills. Facing fierce battles and dangerous alliances, she must make difficult choices if she is to fulfil her destiny.

Friendships are tested, love blossoms and treachery abounds in this gripping, action-packed fantasy adventure for older readers, which contains moderately graphic violence.

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