Atlas of Miniature Adventures

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

This little non-fiction book celebrates small-scale curiosities from around the world. The atlas is divided into seven geographical areas: Europe, Africa, North America, Central & South America, Asia & the Middle East, Australasia & Oceania and Antarctica. A variety of tiny wonders are pinpointed on each regional map, a selection of which are explored further on the subsequent pages.

As well as impressive model villages and railways, more unusual attractions are featured: visit the Perzy Snow Globe Museum in Austria, meet a pea-sized teddy bear in South Korea and discover a pygmy blue butterfly, the size of a fingernail, on the salt marshes of North America.

The distinctive illustrations contain a wealth of detail. With a contents page and a 'Can You Find?' section at the back, this fascinating compilation of all things miniature is unusual, informative and packed full of petite surprises.

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