Athena: The Story of a Goddess

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The story of the goddess Athena may be lesser known to many than some of the more popular Greek myths, but hers is one of wisdom, war and courage. Born straight from Zeus’s head, Athena became a force to be reckoned with almost immediately, challenging the authority of the old gods and becoming the protector of the city of Athens, among others. Determined and fearless, Athena helped heroes such as Perseus and Bellerophon slay monsters and was instrumental in the Trojan war.

Rediscovering the powerful goddesses and heroines of mythology is an intensely empowering experience for children, and especially girls, who may not have come across powerful female deities elsewhere. Of course, many cultures did and do still revere goddesses as well as gods, so hopefully Isabel and Imogen Greenberg’s attractive and inspiring illustration of Athena’s story is one of the first of many for children.

The large format illustration is brilliant, stylish and informative, and perfect for children that have enjoyed any of the recent books about great women from history, or those who might be looking for something to move onto after Lucy Coats’ Beasts of Olympus series.

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