At the World's End

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Caz has been living in a department store for the past nine years with a group of survivors. They managed to escape the storm of the Blue Star, which turned everything outside into a frozen world. Nine years on, rations are running low and sacrifices have to be made - meaning someone has to leave the safety of the store. Caz isn't convinced that stepping outside will cause immediate death, like some of the other survivors believe. So when her friend Will is selected as the sacrifice, she decides to leave the store with him. Caz and Will find themselves in a dangerous world searching for a safe place, and all the while Caz is convinced there must still be other people alive somewhere.

This is a gripping dystopian adventure with two friends working together to survive. Caz and Will are a great pair, supporting each other through difficult and sometimes terrifying situations.

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