Ash Mistry and the City of Death

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Back in England after his first extraordinary adventure in India, Ash Mistry is struggling to behave like a normal teenager. It’s not easy for him being the Kali-aastra, the living weapon of the Hindu goddess Kali, having to endure violent dreams every night about his many past lives, and still trying to concentrate at school.

When Ash’s half-cobra demon friend Parvati shows up at his house wanting his help to prevent the Koh-i-Nor diamond falling into the hands of their arch enemy Lord Savage, Ash has to leave his school troubles behind. Legend has it the stolen diamond is actually a powerful aastra, and Savage wants to awaken its power, hoping to turn back time and make himself young again.

However, Ash Mistry and the City of Death is much more than Ash’s action-packed chase across India to stop Savage conquering the most powerful magic of all. Ash has his own reasons for wanting the power to turn back time, and the story explores serious themes of death, grief and the desire for revenge as we follow Ash, and Savage, to the heart of the nightmare city.

Laced with humour, the story is a dark, gripping page-turner – but it’s also a book about friendships, and finding out the hard way where your true loyalties lie.

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