Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

Publisher: Penguin

The second book in the epic Artemis Fowl series is another action-packed magical adventure. Young criminal mastermind Artemis is determined to rescue his kindapped father from the clutches of the Russian Mafia, but needs fairy magic - and in particular, the help of former adversary, the resourceful Captain Holly Short – to ensure success.

Meanwhile, underground, there is a plot to overthrow the LEPrecon (the fairy police unit) by disgraced Commander Cudgeon and power-hungry Opal Koboi. The two schemers enlist the help of goblins to help them seize control of fairyland and to destroy all Mud Men (humans) above the earth's surface. Artemis and Holly will have to join forces if they are to avert certain disaster in both their worlds - and as they battle side by side, a grudging respect begins to develop between the two former enemies.

With fast and furious action, and numerous battle scenes enlivened with wit and humour, Colfer has followed the first Artemis Fowl story with another exciting and extremely funny tale.

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