Ariel: The Birthday Surprise

Publisher: Disney Press

Ariel now lives on dry land with Prince Eric, but is delighted to receive an invitation to her sister Adella’s birthday celebration under the sea. She promptly goes to the shore to be transformed back into a mermaid by her father King Triton to join in the festivities, and enjoys a day of underwater fun with her sisters Andrina, Arista, Aquata, Alana, Attina and Adella, and her old friend Flounder.

However, things don’t go as planned when, at the sunset concert, Aquata wishes that Ariel could stay with them forever. At that very moment, a rare solar eclipse hits, and the wish comes true! Will Ariel ever be able to break the spell and return to Eric—and her life as a human?

Girls who love The Little Mermaid and all things princess-like will be enchanted.

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