Publisher: Harper Collins

How exactly did the pernickety Mayor end up weeping in the wreckage of his once perfect town? He'd been expecting to win Tidiest Town again. It all began with one pesky flower, taller than the rest….. 

Fussy Great Ape offers to tidy it - but destroys the bed: Mucky Great Ape restores the bed, but muddies the street; Sopping Great Ape clears the mud, but floods the town. So it continues, leaving the enraged Mayor in a wasteland. But never fear: Baking Great Ape appears.  As townsfolk enjoy cake, chastened Apes restore the wreckage and the Mayor realises cake and friends come before perfection!

This exuberant story employs repetition alongside highly entertaining variation, bringing security and surprise, the illustrations expressing the apes' antics with endearing gusto. 

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