Anita and the Dragons

Publisher: Lantana

Anita imagines she is a princesa, about to be whisked away to a distant land, astride the back of a formidable white dragon. In reality, she and her family are leaving their home in the Dominican Republic, aboard a great white aeroplane, to move to another country. Although Anita appreciates there will be many benefits to moving, she is extremely sad to leave the island she knows and loves, particularly as she has to say goodbye to some very special people, including her grandmother. She tries hard to be brave, but as they are about to board the plane, all her fears come tumbling out: what if she is lonely? What if she is sad? What if she hates her new home?

Descriptive text and evocative illustrations work in perfect harmony to sensitively explore Anita’s feelings. Warm, earthy tones represent her happy island life, while a contrasting palette of cool greys reflect her anxiety as she prepares to board the plane, which sits ominously on the runway. This exceptional picture book about emigration explores how it might feel to venture into the unknown, and demonstrates that with courage and support, worries can be overcome.

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