Animal Colours

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Publisher: Happy Yak

Practically all toddlers love animals, so what better way to learn about colours than using animals to introduce the concept?

From yellow lions to blue whales, pink pigs to black panthers, and even multicoloured toucans, every single animal in Animal Colours is created in Nikolas Ilic’s bright and quirky style that draws from his career in animation. The comical character of each animal is really brought to the fore – there are lots of goggle eyes, raised eyebrows and floppy tongues!

Children will love the encouragement of joining in with the animal noises – ‘snap snap’ for crab claws or ‘quack quack’ for duck beaks. It all adds to the silliness and fun of the book.

What also makes Animal Colours stand out is the way each colour is repeated, and in a different sentence order, to reinforce the learning: for example, ‘A moose is brown. Brown like a mouse who goes… Squeak squeak!’

Highly recommended for introducing colours in a direct but amusing way that removes the pressure for little ones still learning lots of words.

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