Angelina's Christmas

Publisher: Penguin

It is Christmas time and most of the houses in town are beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and brightly lit with colourful lights. On her way home from school, Angelina peeps through the window of a house, which has no decorations, and sees that the elderly owner, Mr Bell, is all by himself.

Feeling sorry for the old man, Angelina decides to bake some biscuits and mince pies for him. Henry - Angelina's younger brother - wants to see Father Christmas and the siblings have an argument about it. But when Angelina and her family go to visit Mr Bell, there is a nice surprise waiting for them.

This is a story that beautifully epitomises the real spirit of christmas. Angelina's Chrismas was first published in 1985 and this new edition will bring this unforgettable character to the hearts of new readers. The book has warm illustrations, which brilliantly evoke the spirit of the seasonal festivities.

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