And Then I Turned into a Mermaid

(3 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Farshore

Molly Seabrook really just wants to be normal. And popular if possible. But when, at midnight on her thirteenth birthday, her mum and older sisters take her on a mysterious trip to the beach and reveal that she’s half-mermaid, Molly knows with absolute certainty that normal is never going to happen.

Being a mermaid might sound pretty cool, but when you just want to fit in, transforming every time you go near the swimming pool is a pretty big challenge. Dealing with school and the popular crowd is hard enough without having to deal with a tail as well, especially when you’re forbidden from telling anyone – even your best friend. Because if her family’s secret was discovered, it would be disastrous for everyone.

A brilliantly insightful and super fun story about growing up, navigating friendships and first crushes, and figuring out how you fit in. Tail or no tail, Molly is undoubtedly a character that every teen girl (and anyone who once was a teen girl) can immediately relate to. From an embarrassing parent, confusing sisters and family drama to friendships on the brink and boy-related confusions, this book covers all the emotions but with a great sense of humour.

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