An Island of Our Own

(1 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Scholastic

Holly and her younger brother Davy have been in the care of their 18 year old brother Jonathan ever since their mum died. Life is hard, they never have money for new clothes or nice food, and, although he says he does not mind, Holly is pretty sure Jonathan is not too happy about giving up his place in university to work in a café in order to pay the bills. So when Holly's eccentric, wealthy great-aunt gives her a photo album shortly before her death, she is sure it contains clues to buried treasure. Solving the clues is only the beginning, though, as Holly also has to convince her brothers the treasure is real and get to it before anyone else does.

This is a beautiful tale of hardship and family love. Holly is a spirited, determined girl who says exactly what is on her mind, no matter the situation, and her passion for the treasure hunt is infectious. The story is fast paced, and each character is fully developed and believable, making readers invested in the outcome. A touching, humorous book.

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