Amazing Daddy

Publisher: Orchard Books, Hachette

Unabashedly going straight for the heartstrings, this picture book looks at the father-child love between two every-day, house-dwelling pandas.

The little panda thinks his dad is amazing. In fact, he loves everything about him - whether it's his grumpy morning face or his book-time smile. After all, this is the man who makes extra-large pancakes and toy boats out of old matchsticks.

However, the book is so full of lovely little details, it never tips into schmaltziness. You can't help but snigger at the bottle of 'Old Panda Spice' drawn into the bathroom corner, or the important work meeting that gets interrupted by an urgent panda call!

The rhyming text also hits the funny bone at quite a few spots. At one point, the little panda declares: 'Yes, I'd like to be like Daddy, when I'm big and old one day. But the oldness that my daddy has is VERY far away.'

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