Alley Cat Rally

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Asta the cat is out for her evening stroll when three other cats whizz past her in their racing cars. Annoyed at their rudeness, Asta starts to plan her own soapbox-style racer (although hers is made from the washing machine) to give them a run for their money. When the racer is finished, can it drive Asta to glory in the Kibble Hill Rally?

Any cat lovers will be on board with Asta and Alley Cat Rally from the first page because of Trickartt’s stunning graphic art and the super cute cats that prowl this book’s purrrfect pages. There’s a fun and simple story about believing in yourself and working hard to make your dreams come true, with a minimal text that allows the pictures to do all the talking. Great for kids that love making things as well as cats, Alley Cat Rally has an engineering theme, and so is really great for those who love the idea of making something from elements you mind find around the home (although, maybe not the washing machine).

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