All I Want for Christmas

Publisher: Scholastic

Holly adores Christmas, but this year it isn't looking too great - she's just caught her ex kissing someone else under the mistletoe, her sister won't be home for Christmas Day, and her Mum is selling their house to move in with her boyfriend.

So when Holly discovers an American girl on Instagram offering to swap countries for the holidays, she jumps at the chance. But will Holly get more than she bargained for in the USA? And will influencer Elle discover there's more to life than getting new followers?

All I Want For Christmas is a fantastically fun story from Super Awkward author Beth Garrod - it's absolutely crammed full of all things festive, from candy canes and novelty hot drinks to carol singing, presents, woolly jumpers and (of course) a bit of Mariah.

Fizzing with energy and alternately heartwarming, hilarious and horrifying (you'll be shouting at Holly and Elle to do the right thing), the book is a wonderful fantasy about switching lives. But it also highlights the importance of friends, family, and being yourself - as well as investigating the truth behind the gloss of social media.

Bursting with the magic and romance of the holiday season, it's perfect for curling up with next to the Christmas tree - preferably with a mince pie or two.

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