All Aboard the Numbers Train

Publisher: Oxford

It’s time to board the intergalactic numbers train! Six friends and their dog climb aboard and blast off on a mission to space, counting all the incredible things they see from one to ten. There’s one brightly coloured sun in the sky, two rockets shooting through outer space, and three faraway planets to explore.

Inside the train, lots of fun buttons and dials encourage little ones to identify numbers by memorising them and then by reading them, before counting all the way backwards from ten to blast home again past hundreds of glittering stars. 3, 2, 1, lift off!

This bright, bold picture book is filled with all kinds of fun things to spot – from googly-eyed aliens to gorgeously colourful planets - as the six diverse astronauts go on their cosmic journey. A double spread at the back lists the numbers we saw as well as how to spell them (“1 is one”, “2 is two”, and so on). A fabulous trip to space for young children getting to grips with their first numbers.

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