Alien Superstar

Publisher: Amulet Books

Grandma Wrinkle had the right idea when she pre-programmed her grandson’s spaceship to cross all of time and space and land on planet earth. What better place for a six-eyed, blue-skinned, sucker-footed alien to go unnoticed than the backlot of Universal Studios?

But although, initially, Buddy Burger (yes, he got the name from a fast food stall) has no trouble fitting in, he faces numerous other challenges. And when he is chosen to play an alien in the TV show Oddball Academy, Buddy is an overnight sensation and is thrust into a world of superfans and glamorous parties, where keeping his true identity secret becomes almost impossible.

With energetic black-and-white illustrations and a plot that hits the ground running, Buddy’s story is instantly appealing. And, despite being an alien, his difficulties in navigating a foreign environment and new social situations feel surprisingly familiar.

Amid all the humour, slightly naff jokes and giggle-inducing misunderstandings, this is a book about acceptance and the freedom to be whoever we are. Human or alien, what we really need to flourish and achieve our dreams is some kindness and understanding.

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