Alfie Gives a Hand

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Publisher: Red Fox

Shirley Hughes' much-loved Alfie goes to his first birthday party in this lovely picture book for pre-school children. Feeling shy and scared, Alfie decides to take his old blanket with him, but when he arrives at Bernard's house, he finds it begins to get in the way of the party fun. When he sees a little girl called Min who feels even more worried and frightened than he is, Alfie decides to be brave and put his blanket down to lend Min a hand, and help her to enjoy the party.

Beautifully illustrated in Shirley Hughes' inimitable style, this is a warm and reassuring story which is ideal for helping young children deal with new experiences, and feelings of anxiety or fear. A delightful introduction to going to a first party, featuring all the classic party ingredients from presents to party games to birthday cake.

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