Albert Talbot, Master of Disguise

Publisher: Two Hoots

Albert’s mum is calling him to get out of bed, but he doesn’t want to. Maybe if he pretends NOT to be Albert, and someone else instead, then he won’t have to! Albert’s imagination springs to work: will he be Clate Stouderhoofen, notorious desperado? The Man With No Name! Yes!

When Albert’s mum is telling him to leave for school, Albert imagines instead that he’s Rusti Buffels, fearless mountaineer and champion of Mount Chirrachit. At his swimming lesson, Albert imagines he’s Zandrian Delaclair, Antarctic Submariner – ready to battle the giant cuttlefish.

Yet at the end of a long day’s imaginary adventures, Albert is actually quite happy to be himself, and go to sleep.

Ben Manley’s text is original and brilliantly full of outlandish names and imaginings, and Guillerey’s illustration presents marvellous spreads full of humorous detail and verve. If you enjoyed Manley’s The Misadventures of Frederick’s offbeat oddness, you’ll adore this book about imagination and adventure.

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