Akissi: Tales of Mischief

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Akissi is full of mischief! From terrorising her older brother with worms, to causing havoc in the village with her pet monkey Boubou, Akissi is always on the lookout for fun, adventure and a lot of trouble!

Akissi always eventually gets caught however, either while trying to help someone else or by attempting to try something new (and sometimes risky).

This is a colourful collection of stories presented in comic-strip form for an easy read with fun illustrations. The main character Akissi is small but fierce, giving a real but humorous account of life in a part of Africa not often seen – the Ivory Coast neighbourhood of Yopougon. There is also a heavy emphasis on Ivory Coast cultural norms and a few recipes at the back of the book for the curious and hungry!

Great for reluctant readers and new readers, too.

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