Agents of the Wild: Operation Honeyhunt

Publisher: Walker Books

Agnes Gamble is an eight-year-old orphan who lives with her uncle on the 26th floor of an urban tower block, far away from the nature and wildlife she loves. She desperately misses her parents, famous botanists who tragically met untimely deaths when they were crushed by falling Bunya pinecones during a rare-flower-collecting trip to Australia.

Returning home after her daily visit to the park to check on the wildlife, Agnes is flabbergasted to find a small elephant shrew sitting on her bed. The little creature, who is smartly dressed in a safari suit, informs Agnes that she has been selected as a field agent for the covert organisation SPEARS, the Society for the Protection of Endangered and Awesomely Rare Species.

Agnes is stunned, but rises to the challenge, undergoing intense training before being sent on her first mission to rescue an endangered bee called Elton, who has been separated from his hive in the Atlantic Forest. It is imperative that she locates Elton before he falls into the clutches of illegal rare-insect collector, Axel Jabheart.

Fast-paced and funny, this entertaining eco-chapter book with attractive, two-tone illustrations is ideal for young new readers with an interest in nature.

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