Across the Risen Sea

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Publisher: Old Barn Books

When three strangers arrive on her island home, everything Neoma thought she knew about the world is turned upside down.

Set in a near-future where rising sea levels have decimated the land, Neoma and her best friend Jaguar live in a close-knit community on the Ockery Islands. They live simple lives, fishing and scavenging. But when the strangers arrive and install some strange tech on the hillside, ignoring the islanders’ protests, everything changes.

Who are they? Where did they come from? And what are they doing?

The strangers’ actions set in motion a deadly mystery that threatens the peaceful community. And when Jaguar is kidnapped as a result, Neoma embarks on a dangerous journey across the sea to find the mysterious Valley of the Sun, rescue Jaguar, and get answers. She’ll have to tackle crocodiles, sharks, and a ruthless pirate to get there.  – can she survive the dangers, evade capture and save her home?

Short chapters, plenty of action and the mystery at its heart make this a really exciting read. Neoma is a wild spark of a character but passionate and kind-hearted, and the story touches on deeper issues such as environmental protection, modern slavery, and themes of freedom and respect.

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