A World Between Us

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Spirited young nurse Felix shakes off her restrictive family and conventional upbringing to follow her heart and her political convictions to Spain, to support the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War, in this exciting historical romance from Lydia Syson.

After a chance encounter in London leads Felix to meet Nat, a passionate young man who is joining the International Brigades fighting Franco, she makes up her mind to follow him, leaving her day-to-day life behind her in favour of the challenging and dangerous conditions for an inexperienced young nurse in war-torn Spain. Following her in his turn is her suitor, George, an upright and conventional young journalist who has the approval of her family, and has promised them he'll bring Felix back home safely. As Spain fights for freedom against tyranny, the stories of the three young volunteers interweave, and Felix must make a choice that will change her life forever.

Exploring a period not often covered in historical fiction for teens and young adults, debut author Lydia Syson creates a vivid picture of Spain during the Civil War in this tense and harrowing novel, partly inspired by her own family history. Carefully-researched and rich with fascinating period detail, A World Between Us is a compelling story of politics and passion, bravery and love.

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