A Witch Alone

The Apprentice Witch 2

Publisher: Chicken House

Arianwyn Gribble has finished her witch training in the village of Lull and finds herself in the city of Kingsport for a well-earned rest. However, the evil Hex has driven more and more supernatural creatures from the Great Wood and into Lull and beyond.

Arianwyn’s adeptness fighting some winged grippets means that she’s assigned an important undercover task: to journey to the Great Wood to find The Book of Quiet Glyphs. Can Arianwyn, Colin and the redoubtable Miss Newam find the feyling book that may hold the secret to defeating the Hex? Or will razlors, skalks and snotlings take over Lull?

Following The Apprentice Witch, A Witch Alone is the second in Nicol’s series, which features an enjoyable mix of magical adventure within a nostalgic fantasy world. Arianwyn’s witch skills are set within the context of doing one’s bit for King and country, rather like a magical Land Girl, and there are well-observed depictions of friendship and antagonism in Arianwyn’s relationships with Salle, Colin and Gimma.

Yet, alongside the cosy feel (plenty of scones and tea by roaring hearthfires), this is very much a story with lots of magic and Cressida Cowell-style spirit creatures. Great fun.

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