A Recipe for Playtime

Publisher: Hodder

Baby wakes up in the morning and starts to play – piling up coloured blocks, painting in bright colours and making a fantastic train with cushions. Toot toot! Next, it’s time for hide and seek, swinging and sliding and all manner of noisy, trumpety play with their toys, including a joyful red-wheeled sausage dog, a big comfy green stuffed dinosaur and a very friendly pig with some snazzy green shorts. All in all, it’s a recipe for a wonderful day of play – with time for a book at the end before a snuggly sleep.

This rhyming text flows along very nicely, following a toddler (if we were in any doubt, we see a nappy under their trousers now and again) through a delightful array of activity with their toys, who are definitely alive (like all treasured toys) and have personalities of their own.

The language suggests a recipe – 'Take a box of coloured blocks; Lift up lid; Tip up box'  – which, if followed, will surely result in a happy outcome.

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