A Near Thing for Captain Najork

Publisher: Walker Books

While playing around with his chemistry set Tom manages to invent an incredible, two-seater, hopping frog that runs off jam. He invites his lovely Aunt Bundleyjoy Cosysweet for a ride and they set off across the gardens of neighbouring houses. In one of these houses lives Captain Najork, who had previously suffered a mortifying defeat by Tom while playing womble, muck and sneedball. So when he sees the duo hopping past the window he sets off in hot pursuit. A mad-cap adventure ensues involving a girls' boarding school, pots of jam and a spot of competitive arm wrestling!

This is another fantastic collaboration between Hoban and Blake. The story is a joyous, nonsensical tale of misadventure and the illustrations capture the absurdity perfectly. It is peppered with hilariously named characters, such as Aunt Fidget Wonkham-Strong Najork, that children will delight in hearing about. A fabulous book.

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