A Mummy Ate My Homework

Publisher: Scholastic

It's the first day of Year 6 and Henry can't wait to get back to school. Unlike his friends, he absolutely loves everything about it - homework, punctuation, timetables and especially maths.

But as he finishes answering a really tricky question on the whiteboard, the weirdest thing happens - Henry is pulled through a time portal and lands smack bang in the middle of Ancient Egypt, all the way back in 3100 BC!

Life is very different, with pet crocodiles, hunting lessons and even threatening, undead mummies rushing out of tombs, but Henry makes a great set of new friends and is pretty good at life in Ancient Egypt. After spending a year living there, how can he get back? His new friends like his weird idea, but can it really get him home?

This is the start of a most promising new time travel series from Thiago de Moraes, the author of Myth Atlas.

Weaving historical fact and fiction together in this highly illustrated and hilarious book really works. Readers get to learn LOADS about ancient Egypt and solve hieroglyphic puzzles at the same time as reading a very funny story. In fact, it could be described as Horrible Histories meets Tom Gates.

The illustrations are absolutely brilliant and really amusing, and the book rushes along at fast pace. It brings Ancient Egypt totally alive, and the story will really grab children's attention so much that they won't even realise they're learning history as well. A real gem.

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