A-maze-ing Minotaur

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

In a maze of winding, narrow passageways beneath his sumptuous Cretan palace, ruthless King, Minos, keeps a monstrous beast called the Minotaur. Every nine years Minos demands that fourteen young Athenians enter this Labyrinth; no one ever comes out. 

Handsome young Athenian prince, Theseus, determines he'll slay the Minotaur to free Athens from this curse. Arriving on Crete, Theseus attracts the attention of Minos' beautiful daughter Ariadne who slips him a knife and a ball of golden thread to take into the Labyrinth. Will he vanquish the beast and survive?

Horizontally split illustrations reveal the labyrinth lurking menacingly below the action above, increasing the sense of tension, also inviting readers to follow Theseus's golden thread and spot the concealed Minotaur in this pacy, atmospheric retelling. 

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