A Hen in the Wardrobe

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Ramzi's dad is acting very strangel: he climbs trees in the middle of the night, searches for a leopard in the back garden, and even goes into Ramzi's wardrobe looking for a hen. He's sleepwalking because he is homesick for his native Algeria, so Ramzi, Dad and Mum decide to go back to his Berber village. Here, Ramzi has the chance to meet his Berber grandmother and cousins - and has some exciting and scary experiences. But can Ramzi help his dad - and what will happen when they go back home again?

This warm-hearted, cross-cultural story from debut author Wendy Meddour makes a fun, easy and lively read. The characters are brilliantly drawn, there is plenty of humour, and Meddour paints a vivid picture of traditional Berber culture. A touching and funny family story that will captivate younger readers.

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