A Guide to Sisters

Publisher: Words and Pictures

A cheeky guidebook for anyone thinking about getting a little sister, as told by a big sister. Topics covered include: Starting Off; new sisters coming from the hospital sometimes on a buy-one, get-one-free; Tickling (lots); Style (some have it, some don't); and the all-important Sharing (one for you, two for me).

With sage advice like how to encourage a little sister to play the tidying-up game in your room, and why it's best not to put butter on your new baby sibling, this really is an indispensable manual for any new big sisters. Parents will delight in sharing it when a new child is on the way.

Smart, funny text from Paula Metcalf is matched perfectly with cute line drawings from Suzanne Barton, embellished with bold colours that really pop against the white pages. Great text and lovely design make this a winner of a book, if only for a very specific set of circumstances.

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