A Girl Called Justice: The Smugglers' Secret

Publisher: Quercus

It’s January 1937 and Justice Jones, junior super-sleuth, is back at her boarding school for a new term. And straight away her suspicions are aroused by someone wandering the school corridors in the middle of the night.

That, and the fact that the basement has been designated ‘out of bounds’, gives Justice plenty to think about – especially when an elderly gentleman from the village seems to have mysterious secrets in his past that might have connections to her school.

When a violent death occurs, Justice must use all her detective skills to uncover the identity of the perpetrator - but how can she know who to trust?

This is the second crime adventure for Justice Jones whose boarding school antics, complete with midnight feasts and beastly school dinners, come with a side helping of mystery and murder. Justice is a wonderfully written heroine, and she and her friends are often unravelling clues well before the adults have even worked out that anything is wrong. Great fun. 

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