Publisher: Cassava Republic

This lively alphabet book starts with ‘A is for Adanah’: a young girl who takes the reader on an exciting A to Z African adventure. When Adanah goes to stay with her grandfather during the school holidays, ‘H is for hugs' when she enthusiastically greets him. As she settles down to sleep, ‘M is for mosquito net’ around her bed, and ‘P is for pump’ when she fills Grandad’s keg with water in the village square.

As the sun sets on another day, ‘S is for stories’ told by Aunty Sumbo to a group of children gathered at her feet. And, finally, Z is for Zainab, Adanah’s little sister, who eagerly awaits her return home.

Simple rhyming text accompanies the full-page watercolour illustrations, and children will enjoy searching for an assortment of objects beginning with each featured letter. A fun, positive portrayal of everyday life in a Nigerian village, which effectively introduces the alphabet to young children.

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